Mission Statement
The internet film newsreel archive called Filmhíradók Online was created on 5th November in 2009. Initially, due to the Hungarian Film Archives, it introduced the film news of the Hungarian World Newsreels between 1931 and 1943. The collection was enriched by 26 renovated silent film newsreels from the era between 1914 and 1924 in 2010. The founder of the online archive was Neumann Nonprofit Ltd.

The Hungarian World Newsreels renovated and digitized by Hungarian National Film Archive were the base of the first special collection of NAVA (National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary) operated by Neumann Ltd. The film and cultural historical treasure of many hours was first published in complete form without limitation and free of charge on Filmhíradók Online. The film newsreels of the era after 1948 will also be digitized and made accessible on the internet in the near future. The records of Filmhíradók Online provide impressions of certain exciting historical ages, while the public receives information about the mechanism of publicity of that age as well. The media seen from historical perspective also gives the opportunity for grandsons and granddaughters living nowadays to examine the messages of contemporary media through these glasses.

The videos of Filmhíradók Online can be searched in a data base organised according to topics, persons and locations – or even on the basis of the text said on the records. Film newsreels can be viewed in full-screen size as well, with the aid of a player built in the browser. They can be embedded in web pages and shared on the internet.

The use of Filmhíradók Online materials serves education, research and public knowledge primarily. Business usage is possible only with the permission and consent of Hungarian National Film Archive. The whole data base of Filmhíradók Online went under control of Hungarian National Film Archive (from NAVA) as of 1st January in 2013.